Two Teens Learn How to Serve God at Digital Missions Event

Indigitous members

Three days of empowerment, networking, engaging and so much more. At the last banquet of Indigitous Addis, one can easily notice people from various countries were sharing a meal on the same table. Some tables shared loud laughter while other tables were engaging in a serious conversation. They were all sharing experience; they were all talking about how they used to do missions and how they will do it after Indigitous Addis.

Amidst these, I noticed that two of the youngest participants of Indigitous Addis have found each other. They have formed their own corner to network. Addismiraph Abebe is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Ruhayisha Bonnke is from Rwanda. I walked towards these young boys to learn more about them and their reaction towards Indigitous Addis.

These boys are both 16 years old, they both share the same passion and the same vision; to reach people with the gospel. Addismiraph mentioned that they actually envision the same vision every other Christian have; bringing people to Christ. It is the way people go about it that differs, he added.

Addismiraph serves in his church, in his own terms; in anything he finds his hands on. He plays drum and base guitar for the youth band, he designs the youth magazine and he serves with the media team as well. Bonnke on the other hand is a leader of his high school fellowship where he preaches and disciple more than 25 students.

“I am overwhelmed! I am going crazy! I feel so inspired, very encouraged!” Addismiraph said about Indigitous Addis. He mentioned that the conference was very practical. “It was beautiful! I am very happy! I had a good time!” adds Bonnke. Bonnke said that, as a leader of his fellowship, he feels the urge to go and share what he learnt and encourage the young people to use digital strategies for missions.

I took this picture of the boys and walked away to let them continue their conversation.