You Can Help Reach Unreached Digitally With This Campaign

Miracle every day

This Easter, WorldVenture is launching a personalized daily email with the goal of encouraging, discipling, and mobilizing Japanese believers. The campaign is called Miraebu, the Japanese version of’s A Miracle Every Day campaign. Miraebu is targeting the world’s second-largest unreached people group, a group that tends to have problems with depression and agoraphobia, according to WorldVenture’s Andy Meeko.

The church in Japan is in decline and the Christians in that nation are in need of encouragement, motivation, and discipleship. “We hope to use this daily devotion as a contact point to also challenge people for involvement in systemic discipleship. We hope to attract thousands of subscribers,” Andy says.

In past years, surveys of participants in the daily devotional have shown great spiritual growth. “The survey has shown significant growth in people’s prayer habits, victory over emotional and moral struggles, and heart for others’ wellbeing,” Andy says.

Hundreds of thousands have been blessed through’s Miracle Every Day campaign in various languages. “Since subscribing to A Miracle Every Day, I no longer believe that I am undesirable. Now, I declare that I am desired by God, I am loved and known by God, and I am a unique vessel in God’s hands! My life has completely changed,” said a past subscriber. The Miraebu campaign, though, needs your help in order to reach Japan.

How you can help

To pull this campaign off, Andy needs tech help. “Unfortunately, our tech volunteer fell through, so we are struggling,” Andy says. Andy is seeking a volunteer, or a group of volunteers, to help with the technical side of the campaign. The volunteer work would take approximately 3 hours per week, loading the daily emails into three platforms: Mailchimp, Facebook, and a WordPress-based website. And if there is enough capacity, the volunteer can also help get the content into a YouVersion reading plan. Knowing Japanese is not a requirement to volunteer.

If you have experience with those platforms and want to help, reach out to Andy ( He can tell you more about how you can help uplift the church in Japan and help reach the world’s second-largest unreached people group. Andy is still planning to proceed with the campaign, trusting God for a tech volunteer. “By God’s grace, we launch on Easter Day,” he says.