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Pray • Care • Share

Go2020 is a joint effort of dozens of Christian churches and organizations to invite followers of Jesus all over the world to pray for those around them, love them, and tell them about Jesus

Go2020 is a joint effort of dozens of Christian churches and organizations to invite followers of Jesus all over the world to pray for those around them, love them, and tell them about Jesus.

Learn how to share the Gospel in the Digital Space.



Ask God to help you think of three to five people in your life who would benefit from growing closer to Christ. 

Actions You Can Do
  • Text a friend and ask what you can pray for
  • Announce one global problem and how you’re praying for God to move in it
  • Read how to be filled by Holy Spirit and pray for him to lead you
  • Text a co-worker to see how they’re doing and how to pray
  • Walk around your IG neighborhood followers and pray
  • Ask a friend in the medical profession what you can pray specifically for them
  • Set a reminder on your phone to pray for 3 people at noon, 9, 6


From the list you created, take an action. Intentionally show God’s love to the people He has laid on your heart. Consider a digital way to intentionally show God’s love to the people he has laid on your heart

Actions You Can Do
  • Send flowers to a family member just because
  • Read how to support someone who is grieving
  • Build trust with a friend by vulnerably sharing a place you need help and ask for their advice
  • Honor someone who reminds you of Jesus, by telling them!
  • Donate $5 to support a cause you care about and invite others to join you
  • Gift a coffee to a friend having a hard day 
  • Share your favorite podcast that lifts your spirits on social media
  • Schedule a facetime with someone who seems lonely


Rely on the Holy Spirit as you take the initiative with the people you are praying for. Come alongside them on their spiritual journey by sharing your faith using a digital tool.

Actions You Can Do
  • Tell a story on IG of how Jesus has brought you peace
  • Post a photo that represents God to you and why
  • Send the FallingPlates video to a friend and ask what they think
  • Invite someone to watch church online with you
  • Share a question you’d like to ask God on SM
  • Share your favorite hopeful verse
  • Tell your fav Bible story on IG story
  • Host on zoom for a digital day of outreach
  • Text someone to hear how God’s being giving you hope each day
  • Make a video encouraging your friends and post it to your story

why join digital Outreach

In today’s world, people often see social media used to tear people down. They can feel discouraged and afraid to join people in their spiritual journey. But what if we mobilized people to see social media and digital communication as a channel for God’s love to reach them?

What if WE saw them that way?! What if we took one small step to use them for good TODAY! We want to change that by equipping you to talk about Jesus using digital means.

As followers of Jesus, we are more convinced now than ever, that our ultimate goal is not to get face to face with people. Our goal is to follow Jesus into wherever he lets us set people face to face with him.

Sometimes that starts in person, in our homes, over coffee, and other times it’s through a direct message with someone who posted something on Instagram.

NOW is the time for us to PLUG IN to where God’s making it possible for people to connect with him.

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We’re in this together. Let’s do this!

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Learn how to share your faith

Last month we held a series of webinars to help you gear up and explore a different way to do outreach from a distance. Missed it? You’re in luck. We’ve decided to post all of the webinars for free on our site. Watch now, get trained up, and take a step!


Indigitous’ Digital Outreach is an official partner of  Global Outreach 2020

Join over a million christians around the world to expose 1 Billion people to the gospel

Join thousands of churches and ministries worldwide and dedicate the month of May 2020 to prayer and evangelism with GO2020.

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