Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

When: May 7, 2014 at 12:00am
Price: Free



Everyday across Africa people are using mobile for day-to-day life activities. Mobile is used to do full-service banking, pay bills, check food prices, and receive high level education.

This event will discuss and create digital strategies to maximize the potential of mobile use in Africa for evangelism all the way to high-level discipleship processes.

There will be live learning through delivering best practices from around the world. These are real stories from real people making a real difference.

But we want to apply our learning through hands-on engagement with active field projects. You will get to use your skills to accelerate current projects so they get out faster AND better.

Why you should come



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Kyama Mugambi has a passion for leadership to inspire hope and transformation in this generation and the next. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Expansion at Mavuno church. Here he oversees leadership and church planting efforts among young professionals in 7 countries in Africa and one in Europe. He has authored several publications including “When Life Happens.” His postgraduate studies are in biblical studies, in management and in corporate governance. Kyama lives in Nairobi with his wife, Wambui and their 3 children. His interests include playing music, messing around with machines, IT and the culinary arts.
radicalimpact.wordpress.com @kyamamugambi


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Erik Hersman is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker on the boundless spirit of technology innovation in Africa. He is the co-founder of Ushahidi, which allows users to share breaking news through text messaging, and continues to revolutionize and empower journalists, watchdog groups, and everyday people around the world. He also founded the iHub in Nairobi, the innovation hub for the technology community, bringing together entrepreneurs, hackers, designers and the investment community and built around the vision of an epicenter for Kenya’s booming tech industry. He is also the founder of the BRCK, a new connectivity device that is considered a backup generator for the internet, and is a general partner in the Savannah Fund, which does small seed investments in Africa’s tech startups.

Hersman, a TED Senior Fellow and PopTech Faculty Fellow, grew up in Kenya and Sudan and keeps two influential blogs: WhiteAfrican, where he writes about technology on the African continent, and AfriGadget, a group blog that celebrates African ingenuity. @whiteafrican




Addis_Ababa_cityOur conference will be at the historic Hilton Addis Ababa, constructed and opened during the reign of Emperor Haille Salasse, just 15 minutes from Bole International Airport and close to many of the city’s popular attractions, including the Holy Trinity Church.

This will be a great place for us learn, grow and collaborate as a community.

Eventbrite requires a credit card for registration. If you do not have a credit card, please use the promotion code PayNationalOffice then complete the registration process. After registering, you will be instructed where you can pay your registration fee.


On Friday and Saturday afternoon event participants will work together on one or more Indigitous Projects.

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  1. Yavello Nataye

    I am excited to hear that the program is already going on. I couldn’t attend but I have been following info related to this event on social medias such as facebook and youtube. Today, I saw picture one of our friends and minsters (Bro. Bereket Bekele) speaking on the Teleshtaol telephone counseling services on facebook. It is awesome to see that God is able and things are happening as planned. I will continue to pray for this vision and the current event of Indigitous.

    More grace and more blessings!

  2. Oddon Gilles Mukari

    Gloire à Dieu qui a fait tomber des écailles de mes yeux! Je crois que l’heure du réveil à belle et bien sonner pour l’Afrique.
    Dieu est souverain et n’est pas limité par nos moyens humains pour le salut de l’humanité. Après avoir utiliser autre fois les apôtres et les pères de l’eglise efficacement avec les outils à leurs disposition. Aujourd’hui avec le progrès sciencitifique, Dieu nous accorde une opportunité de discerner le temps et en saisir l’opportunité pour bâtir le mouvement partout en utilisant l’outil digital.
    J’ai appri pendant mon séjour à Addis que je peux diriger en utilisant les médias sociaux, évangéliser, faire les disciples avec le téléphone mobile. Il est possible de commencer une église avec des hommes de paix identifiés à travers les outils numériques. les églises peuvent être implantées avec les court film en tout lieu. Concevoir les programmes de formation en utilisant le téléphone mobile et/ou l’Internet. Adapter certains outils numériques selon les cultures, les composantes critiques ( les leaders, les églises, les étudiants,…). Sincèrement il est grand temps pour l’Afrique Francophone de se réveiller pour bâtir le royaume de Dieu en utilisant la verge que Dieu à placé entre nos mains. Prieons pour que l’année prochaine en Mai 2015 nous puissions aussi organiser Indigitous en Affique Francophone. Oddon Gilles

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