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Indigitous STEPS 2019

When: January 30, 2019 at 9:00pm
Price: Free

Indigitous STEPS is a 6-week virtual program designed to provide pathways and community to the digital specialist who desires to use his/her unique digital skills (code, craft, design, draw, strategize) for the Great Commission.
The program seeks to equip participants to take significant steps forward in their calling, character and technical competence. It aims to connect participants to followers of Christ who are experts in the digital and technology field, missional projects at the intersection of ministry and technology, and practical ideas on how to continue to grow.
Indigitous STEPS will be a collaborative environment focused on influencing the next generation of professional Christians with a vision for #digitalmissions. Some will be cross-cultural missionaries to the nations, some will be missionaries in Silicon Valley, some will be missionaries in their universities and families; what we will all have in common is our passion about sharing Jesus and serving his purposes using digital strategies.

STEPS schedule

January 30: Introduction and reading

February 6: Connected to God and Mission — webinar at 9:00pm ET

February 13: Connected to Self — webinar at 9:00pm ET

February 20: Connected to Culture — webinar at 9:00pm ET

February 27: Rest, reflection, and reading — no webinar this week

March 6: Connected to Each Other and Community — webinar at 9:00pm ET

March 13: Connected to the Future and Next Steps — webinar at 9:00pm ET

March 23: Feedback and celebration



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