What is SEO?

When: February 9, 2016 at 12:00am
Price: Free

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If you missed SESSIONS when it was live, or just want to watch again and take better notes, here is a recording of the webinar.


You can find more resources, such as an SEO audit checklist and answers to common questions, at Mike’s SESSIONS page on Tower Marketing.

About the SESSION

The Web is constantly changing and search engines like Google are always updating their algorithm with the hopes of delivering the best results in the least amount of time.  Obviously, Google is only a machine and there are really people involved in the process.  So how do you get found by the right audience so that you can provide them with the tools, products or services they require? So how do you make sure the right audience is able to find your ministry and digital assets so they can more effectively share the Gospel?

About Mike

Mike Shaw is the SEO Specialist at Tower Marketing. His focus is on developing the clients’ website authority, trust and positioning in the SERPs. Mike has worked with both national and international companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Travelzoo, Car Hire Market and Selective Asia. Mike likes spending time hanging out with his wife, finding new places to eat out, and watching rugby. Connect with Mike on Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1. Aaron Thomson

    Yes David, the echo is terrible! We shall try and clip the content to just Mikes part. We won’t be able to fix the recording. But we can edit out me as the host – it would seem that the set up was compromised. Stand by. Aaron

  2. Aaron Thomson

    Ok, looks like we have fixed the video David. We couldn’t get the time machine to work… so for now we just cut the echo parts off the front and end. Hopefully this can work for now. Perhaps we could record it again.
    Kind regards

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