Go Month

GO Month

During the month of May, Indigitous is taking part in the GO Month campaign to encourage every Christian to take time to pray, care, and share with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members. If you’ve never shared your faith before or otherwise could use a little help, we have a number of resources to help you get started.

Take the Challenge

Sharing the Gospel doesn’t have to be scary. Instead of some big risky endeavor, we can ask God to help us take a small step each day to care for those He’s connecting us to digitally. 

We have 31 ideas for engaging in digital outreach, something for each day of May. From prayer prompts to ideas for social media posts to suggested conversations, they’re all simple steps that you can take throughout the day. 

We invite you to this daily digital outreach challenge. Will you join us?

Use These Tools

GodTools evangelism app

GodTools is a mobile app that helps Christians all over the world have conversations about God by providing tools that clearly communicate how someone begins and grows a relationship with God.

“Where do I start? What do I say? How do I share the Gospel without being too pushy? What if they ask me questions I have no idea how to answer?”

If any of those questions sound familiar, GodTools can help.


Everyone is on a spiritual journey. As a Christian, God invites you to shine the light of Christ into the lives of people with whom you journey through life.

Following Jesus involves trusting Him as you choose to take one step of faith after another. MissionHub allows you to choose from four step types: pray, care, share, and relate. You can also create your own faith steps as you plan to live on mission.

How to reach out to fellow students and friends online

How to reach out to students and friends online

Anchored Life has a great guide for students about how to reach their classmates and friends online. This is a practical guide with simple steps anyone can take and a number of resources for conversations with your current friends and with those you don’t know.

We recommend going through the guide and trying some of their tips, resources, and ideas.

3 Steps In Personal Evangelism

3 Steps in Personal Evangelism

GO Movement has put together a 2-page PDF guide called “3 Steps In Personal Evangelism.” 

The guide walks you through sharing your faith in three basic steps, giving advice, encouragement, and best practices along the way:

  1. How to start a conversation
  2. How to share the Gospel
  3. How to lead a person to Christ

These guides are available in 14 languages, including: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Estonian, Hindi, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Mandarin, Nepali, Tamil, and Vietnamese.

Get Informed

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