#Hack Challenges

We are doing something different for this year’s #Hack.

Last year, we focused on global challenges – since we really believe in the Body coming together to serve larger, global causes. At the same time, we also really believe in the whole Body coming together to serve specific, local needs. So this year we have encouraged local leads to focus on the challenges specifically relevant in their communities – and invite others to get involved. So what do I work on? There are an infinite number of ways you can find a challenge to address or project to work on!

  1. You can work on projects you develop at your local event. These will be introduced tomorrow (or brainstormed together tomorrow) with your fellow participants. There is so much to be done in the world – the sky is the limit!
  2. You can check the Indigitous projects page. (Did you know that Indigitous.org facilitates this kind of work all day every day, all year long?
  3. You can collaborate on challenges that other events are offering – see the main list here. (That’s the great part about a mass collaboration – you get to collaborate!) Create a new Slack conversation with others who are working on a project and get going!

Whatever you decide…. it’s going to be great. Be sure you share about it with others in your event, in another event, or in Slack (if you are virtual!) Have questions about challenges or how to get plugged in to one? Ask on Slack or ping @briggs and we’ll help you find a place to use your talents whatever they are!

Support a movement across the nations and collaborate with others on solutions which address real world, mission-focused challenges. To learn more about Indigitous Hack, visit https://indigitous.org/hack

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