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Indigitous #HACK, returning October 2019, is an opportunity to unleash the huge potential in a generation of technologists to improve our world. The event will allow a community of passionate people to use their God-given gifts and experience to help individuals and organizations serve others better.

1st Batch: October 4-6
2nd Batch: October 11-13

Code for the Kingdom Addis
Join the frontier of Digital Missions

“…for the equipping of the saints for the work of service,
to the building up of the body of Christ.”
Ephesians 4:12

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where technology, missions & faith intersect

  • Do you want to code to change people's lives?
  • Are you dreaming to innovate the means we share the gospel and make disciples?
  • Do you want to meet other people who are passionate about tech and missions?
  • Is technology affecting the way you do ministry?
  • Are you struggling to find where to invest your skills and time to build God's Kingdom?
  • Is God calling you to serve Him using your tech skills?


Sometimes innovation doesn’t scale because it’s too localized; events like #HACK give you a global network where you can connect with friends and colleagues from all over the world.


Participants experienced the energy of hundreds of people working towards a common goal together in multiple locations all at once.


#HACK connected developers, designers, technologists and entrepreneurs from all over the world who shared interests and passions.


While #HACK is explicitly Christian, participants from any (or no) faith background are openly welcomed.

in one place.

#HACK is a collaboration between technologists, designers, students, ministry leaders and leaders harnesses the power of a generation of purpose-driven and faith-inspired technologists who are looking for opportunities to serve others through technology. We convened people from all backgrounds who wanted to collectively make a difference, to live a life of purpose, and to use our skills, gifts, and expertise with technology to impact our world.


Life is short
build tech that really matters!

Missional Projects
Hours of Hacking
Cities Participated
“I’ve never been in a setting where technology, missions, and faith are directly linked. This is the perfect space to see that come to life for me.”
#HACK Participant
“Seeing so many people passionate about using and sharing their gifts for God’s kingdom brings tears of joy to my eyes.”
#HACK City Lead
“#HACK is about creating a place where people can understand more clearly how God is calling them.”
#HACK City Lead

Passion and Skills Needed

You’ll help meet missional needs and make Jesus known globally through technology and digital strategies.


You have a passion for sharing your faith and making Jesus known. You might be a missionary, a member of clergy, or just someone who loves talking about Christ!


You like to lead others in their walk with Christ, helping them grow as followers of Jesus.

church planting

You’re a leader with experience planting churches and seeing them bear fruit.

Brand Strategy

You’re a storyteller, a branding expert, or someone who knows the importance of a consistent, trusting relationship between user and brand.

Graphic design

You’re an artist with a keen eye for style, knowing the perfect look and theme for a project.


You work in the tech industry and want to lend your expertise by helping mentor hackers as they create solutions to the world’s big problems.

Art direction

You’re the artist with the vision of how this project should look and feel when experienced by end users.


You have a knack for creating quick prototypes to test, iterate, and test again. The building is the fun part for you.

Web development

Whatever your coding language, you enjoy solving puzzles and creating the perfect website.

The Kingdom of God needs your unique contribution

You’ll help meet missional needs and make Jesus known globally through technology and digital strategies. You will share your gifts and perspectives, making new solutions possible that can’t be seen on a smaller scale. Your code can change people’s lives.


Most frequent questions and answers

A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers, developers and technologists join others in the field of software development, like graphic designers, interface designers, project managers to collaborate intensively on projects.

What separates Indigitous #HACK from others is that our participants are focused on mobilizing technologists to support God’s work across the nations, offering communities a chance to learn from and with one another as they address interconnected and related challenges. We are focused on inviting people to meet the missional gap, seeing the Great Commission fulfilled through technology and digital strategies.

Historically, hackathons have been exceptional opportunities for hands-on, creative problem solving of difficult technological challenges. Global hackathons, or “mass collaborations”, take this opportunity to another dimension, by connecting an international community around a common vision to meet common needs in their communities.

To get right to the point… yes! #HACK welcomes anyone who wants to collaborate together on missional technology projects that have long-term impact. While our work focuses on all kinds of technology, you don’t have to be a programmer to get involved. We need designers, photographers, writers, project managers, social media gurus – creative thinkers of all types! The most important skillsets are the abilities to work with others and find ways to solve problems. Also, while Indigitous #HACK is explicitly Christian, participants from any (or no) faith background are openly welcomed.

It depends on the city your are participating.

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