#HACK for the Unreached

Indigitous #HACK2020, returning October represents a generation of Christians passionate about bringing the gospel to where it’s not.

Indigitous #HACK2020, returning October represents a generation of Christians passionate about bringing the gospel to where it’s not. Each city will gather locally over a weekend in October, while simultaneously connecting to a global network of Christians from around the world who are also applying their talents to their faith!

October Oct. 9-11 & 16-18, 2020

October Oct. 9-11 & 16-18, 2020


bringing the gospel to where it's not

Join us on October 9-11 or 16-18, 2020

Of the 7 billion people in the world, 5 billion don’t know Jesus. With digital, there are no more closed countries. Digital missions allow us to overcome borders, geographic constraints, persecution, and isolation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are more open than ever to the hope of God, but reaching them requires new tools and strategies. Join us for Indigitous #HACK2020 to create unique solutions to the challenges of reaching the unreached. 

  • Do you dream about new and innovative ways we can share the gospel and make disciples?
  • Is God calling you to serve Him using your tech skills?
  • Do you want to meet like-minded people who are also passionate about tech and missions?
  • Do you have an innovative idea that is itching to get built?
  • Do you want to spend your time and skills coding to change people's lives?
  • When you hear of global issues, does your mind immediately go to work building a technical solution?

Hackathons provide a hands-on event for self-expression and creativity for computer programmers, developers, engineers, user experience, project managers and others through technology. People with technical backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code a unique solution from scratch — these generally take shape in the form of websites, mobile apps, and robots.

Indigitous #HACK uniquely gathers devoted Christ-followers with a desire to extend God’s purposes in our local cities and connects us around the world. #HACK offers Christians in each host city an opportunity to make new friends and learn from one another while addressing critical issues through digital solutions. #HACK invites people to meet the needs of the church, missions and society on a local and global scale, expanding the Great Commission through new innovative platforms and digital strategies.

Mass collaboration is the ability for large numbers of people, who may have no previous connection, to effectively and creatively work towards a common goal. The greater diversity of skill represented on each team, the higher the team’s capacity to successfully tackle the task at hand. #HACK levels mass collaboration up to a global scale, connecting like-minded believers across every region of the world through expertise and prayer.

To get right to the point… yes! #HACK welcomes anyone who wants to collaborate together on missional technology projects for long-term impact. While our work focuses on multiple technology platforms, you don’t have to be a programmer to get involved. We need designers, photographers, writers, project managers, social media gurus – creative thinkers of all types! The most important skill is the ability to work as a team and find ways to problem-solve. Also, while Indigitous #HACK is explicitly Christian, participants from any (or no) faith background are welcomed warmly.

It depends on the city in which you are participating. Please fill out the #HACK 2020 interest form, and we will gladly connect you to the closest #HACK city.

Our local mentors will be by your side throughout the hackathon online or face-to-face.

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The Kingdom of God needs your unique contribution

You’ll help meet missional needs and make Jesus known globally through technology and digital strategies. You will share your gifts and perspectives, making new solutions possible that can’t be seen on a smaller scale. Your code can change people’s lives.

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