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Port the BibleBox software to the Raspberry Pi, optimizing it for use on the low-power, commodity hardware platform so that workers in all fields can use it to share the Gospel digitally.

God’s word is the most important tool we can use when sharing the Gospel with others. Help us port BibleBox, an application used worldwide to share Bible content and Christian media via wi-fi, to the Raspberry Pi 3.


We made great strides with unicode support for BibleBox at Urbana ‘15, and now we’d your help in solving another problem. We would like to port BibleBox to the Raspberry Pi 3 and optimize it for use on the low-power, commodity hardware platform. This will drive down the cost of purchase, provide a standard, easy-to-obtain hardware solution, and ultimately provide more people access to scripture and gospel material by improving the stability and availability of this application.


  • Infrastructure

    • We will provide a Raspberry Pi 3 running on our servers for you to remotely connect to. Or you use your own Raspberry Pi.

  • Personnel

    • Our coaches and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are working on a plan for coverage of the entire hackathon in all time zones.

  • Materiel

    • If you have a Raspberry Pi 3 of your own, please feel free to use it.

  • Education

    • There is a need for a video teaching BibleBox owners how to add and remove content from the device.

  • Funding

    • At the low price points we are looking at for the hardware, we should be able to charge less than $50 per unit for a complete product with Raspberry Pi, case, battery, SD card, and thumb drive. But it would be good to have accountants and product developers work to come up with a solid price point.


Due Diligence

The BibleBox on Raspberry Pi 3 is similar to the PirateBox on Raspberry Pi 3, and the LibraryBox on Raspberry Pi 3. We will be using those open source projects as a starting point for this project.


By the end of the Hackathon we need to have a working prototype with a set of instructions on how to replicate the build, or an automated script that can build a Raspberry Pi 3 BibleBox. The finished product is an image file of the working prototype SD card.

Data Provided

Debian OS

LibraryBox install filee

BibleBox upgrade files

Skills Needed

Linux OS – Debian



SD card image creation

Bash scripting




We will need project managers, product developers, accountants, and marketers to work on packaging, accessories, price points, and marketing campaigns.

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