Digital Bible Coaching


Develop an app to digitally coach someone around a passage of scripture

Digitally coaching someone around a passage of Scripture is challenging but important for discipleship. Imagine a place where someone can share Scripture, have a conversation around it, and know if they have read it or not.  



People often use text messaging as a mentoring tool to send encouragement, scripture, and advice. While this is a common practice, there is a considerable amount of friction to leave the messaging app, find the scripture you are looking for, copy it, and then return to the messaging app to paste it in. Imagine being able to easily search for scripture by reference or keyword directly in the messaging app. What if you could be recommended scripture to share based on the context of the messages in the chat?


Data, API’s or Resources


There are many Bible APIs available but we think the Digital Bible Platform api is a great resource. Among all of the messaging apps around, WhatsApp is the most popular around the world. WhatsApp has documentation for developers to add extensions and additional functionality to the app (Android & iOS). Other potential popular messaging apps include iMessage (iOS only), and Telegram (allows large group chats up to 5000).


Skills Needed


Native developer (depending on platform selected)

UI/UX designer

Strategy, project management

Someone with experience using a bible API

Someone with experience building custom add-on type apps for a messenger app

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