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The objective is to develop a reporting and information management system that allows children’s home directors, foster parents, orphanage managers, and social service workers to collect, input, process, and report on children’s data. The secure, web-based open source solution will help provide better services to children, reduce administrative overhead, and provide better accountability while protecting the private data of each child. As each child reaches independence as an adult, they will have their story preserved and written memories to pass on.


Background – Child at Risk System: My Story Remembered


In a nation covered with mostly unregistered children’s homes our aim as an organization is to resource them into the best practices for every child. This Child at Risk System insures that every home is paying attention to the critical things in every child’s life. And in a land of hundreds of paper documents every child is confident their history is being captured for eternity thus the name Child at Risk System: My Story Remembered.


Data, API’s or Resources


Our Child at Risk (CAR) database is already in progress and is built on a new tool we call simply App Builder. It is designed mainly for non-programmers to quickly build useful web apps in a platform we are calling the Operations Portal (Ops portal). The Ops Portal is a CMS type framework used to build plugins or tools that do useful things. It has built in authentication and role-based authorization and a few other utilities. The App Builder is a tool that runs in the Ops Portal and actually generates other data driven tools for the Ops Portal. The App Builder is in a beta stage and the Child at Risk database is the first official application we are building on it. We really appreciate your help! In order to help you get up and running and provide some structure to the tasks that still need to be done, we have these docs.

Video walk through of using App Builder


Live Demo of App Builder – log in as app_admin/admin

Developer Setup – We are using Nodejs, Sailsjs, Canjs, and Webix.

App Builder Developer Tutorial – How to build a new data type for the App Builder which will demonstrate the front-end and the back-end of building a data type.

Trello Task Board – our high priority tasks for teams to work on. The tasks are divided into vertical sections that work on the App Builder first and then indicate how it relates to the CAR database.

Working Prototype – this is a good example of what we are trying to build. is a nice product and we are using it for inspiration of many of the features we are building in App builder. We have modeled most of the data for the CAR database in this prototype.


Skills Needed




UI developers

Tech writers for those who like documenting tools

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