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Use Gospel-focused media to help non-believers take their first step towards Jesus

Media has become an essential part of our daily lives, shaping our worldview and strengthening of society.  Using a set of existing Gospel-focused video products, how can you extend their impact in new and creative ways to help non-believers take their first step towards Jesus.




Jesus.net is in 33 languages and in these langauges we use a process of leading searchers to Jesus and local connections of Christians and churches. We have 2 video products that can be used to full extend. These are the Gospel of John movie (a word by word video of the whole gospel of John) and SandyTales (short video’s of biblical stories, made by a “sandpainter”).


Using the high quality video products, be as creative as you can to make compelling new products or concept to reach searching people online so they are able to find a connection with Jesus.  This could be a summary of the gospel-video, a christmas summary, a game, an online exploration concept where people can explore more about Jesus, a video that is great to use on social media as a conversation starter.The goal is to simply help non-believing searcher to take a steps towards Jesus. This can also be as part of a current or new broader strategy.


Imagine that your effort will lead searching people to Jesus. Would you not give everything that God has entrusted you with? Use your talents to reach the Lost!


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