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Identify needs in local churches and empower a global network to affect change

God only has one plan for your city – the local church.  How can we work with local churches to discover common needs and empower our global audiences and networks to affect change in their communities?


The desired first-level output for this challenge is a clear strategy to identify needs in local churches, marshal resources (of whatever kind) at a global level, and distribute them for large scale impact and change. This strategy could address any kind of needs, any kind of context, any kind of solutions – and we encourage your creative thinking! Think beyond meeting physical needs in a relief context (although that could count) – where are the places that global collaboration can make a difference at a local level in unique and powerful ways?


Needfinding research is important here and will support robust and sustainable solutions. Teams are encouraged to connect beyond their own city and understand the needs of churches outside their own cultural or denominational context. It may be effective for different teams – including those who are pursuing their own approaches or solutions – to share research for the benefit of all.


Once you have developed an approach and strategy, the next-level output for this challenge would be a tool, process or platform that enabled and implemented the strategy.




This challenge is huge and wide open. Some examples of ideas to start your thought process on this challenge:

  • Microfinance programs like Kiva match the small needs in the developing world with the small resources in the developed world, offering a uniquely powerful connection. The key is matching resources to needs at scale.

  • Indigitous #Hack is itself one unique example of empowering a global network to address local church or community needs: we are aggregating the skills of technologists, designers and other creative collaborators to solve technically-focused missions challenges. The key is mobilizing the latent time and talents of a particular community.

  • Collaborations like Earth Hour invite the world to share in simple actions that raise awareness for issues like climate change that affect us all. The key is coordinating micro-actions to raise awareness.


Be creative! What’s an area of local need that could be met better globally? We are one body in Christ because God knew that we would need to act as one. Where can you see places to help the body take care of its every part?


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