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Convert a listening audience of millions into a real-time need-based advocate network

Cultivating and sustaining a network of people who want to make a difference in the world network requires a dedicated effort but can have significant impact. How can we best convert an existing listening audience of millions to a real time need-based advocate network? For example, how could we leverage technology to mobilize people to care for their neighbor?


The desired first-level output of this challenge is a strategy for best use of a radio audience for a real-time need-based advocacy network, with emphasis on real-time. The goal of the advocacy is open to your interpretation – could be an emergency need (like Amber Alert or hurricane notices), could be awareness (like hashtag campaigns), could be service or prayer oriented (like caring for the elderly or serving the poor).


Once you have developed an approach and strategy, the next-level output for this challenge would be a tool, process or platform that enabled and implemented the strategy.




Start with some brainstorming around real-time advocacy. What are needs that are best served on a real-time basis? How could those needs be identified and prioritized? How does the listening audience engage with them? How is follow up or engagement measured?


Be creative and make it fun! What’s an area of real-time need that could be leveraged over the medium of radio?


Data, APIs or Resources


Some background reading on global collaboration:


Some example resources to explain how some example protocols work:


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Project Management


Disaster and Emergency


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Radio Experience

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