Scripture App Publishing


Mass-publishing of scripture and similar content to Google Play store via public cloud infrastructure

Language-specific apps help people engage with content.  Translators now have a tool (Scripture App Builder) that facilitates creating an Android app. Translators also need assistance getting the apps they have created up to the Google Play Store. Help redesign tooling and infrastructure make it easy for apps to be published into the store.


This challenge is to build an intuitive web based workflow manager to walk the translator through the process of publishing their Scripture app to the Play Store. Multiple projects may be in process at the same time at different stages of processing.




We have an existing MVP (minimum viable product) workflow manager that helps Wycliffe Bible Translators organization translators quickly and easily publish their Scripture apps to the Google Play store. We would like to enable people outside of Wycliffe to use the service to publish their apps to their stores. The MVP was not designed to do things at scale. Help us redesign our tooling and infrastructure to allow multiple organizations to publish scripture and other content in hundreds of languages to their organization’s stores all at once.


Data, API’s or Resources

  1. Scripture App Builder can be downloaded from:

  2. The current MVP workflow help is found at:

  3. The current MVP service administrator help is found at:


Resources for this project are found at this Google Drive folder.

  1. Each city has a Scripture App Project for their city that can be processed through the workflow management system.

  2. Architecture overview, workflow steps, RESTful API definitions and examples are provided.

  3. Begin with the “Start Here” document.


Git URL:


To allow each city to try their ideas, each location has a repository in the following pattern “scripturepub- (e.g. Cities may join together on a solution in one repository if they want to collaborate on a solution. Just agree on which repository to use.


Skills Needed

  • Web UI/UX design

  • Web development, full-stack development

  • This is an event-driven RESTful architecture, so AWS (or similar cloud infra) skills are helpful


Nice, but not required


  • Automation

  • Continuous integration

  • Continuous deployment

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