Stop Sexting


Help combat the sexting epidemic

Many who engage in sexting report having been pressured to do it at least once, and the potential for blackmail, extortion, and harassment. For minors, there are also potential legal consequences to exchanging what they might think are harmless photos. We need to encourage minors to think through the ramifications before they press “send,” and to provide resources for them to cope with the ramifications once the image is out of their control.


Sexting occurs on different devices and media, and can lead to harassment, blackmail, and even legal consequences. Aside from the harmful nature of having minors share nude or sexual images of themselves, they run the risk of traditional sexual exploitation, blackmail and reputation destruction.

We’d like to come up with ways to help minors think before they sext, and help them not share or pressure others into sharing explicit images, and brainstorm ways to help support them once the images are out there. Because this happens on multiple devices and platforms, we need a solution that will work across those things.

Skills Needed

  • Technical

    • App development

    • Web development

    • UX/UI

  • Soft skills

    • Project management

    • Content creation

    • Psychology/social work

    • Education

    • Marketing/engagement

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