We’re so glad you are giving leadership for #HACK 2020 in your city. What a privilege it is to serve our King and to help raise up #digitalmissionaries in your city and to partner together to bring impact to the lives all over the world.

We have compiled for you everything you’ll need to get started with hosting this event. Let us know if you have any questions. Email us at:

For the complete #HACK Planning Guide

Everything you need to host #HACK


Budget template
A guide to help you figure out how much is needed to run your event
An overall time frame of what needs to happen when (our calls, office hours, training videos etc.)
Fund-raising & Sponsorship Ideas
To get going on funding your event. Great tips from other City Leads


Sample program/schedule of an actual #HACK hackathon (based on a ‘typical’ Friday night to Sunday afternoon time frame)
Bumper/intro videos, short clips, talks etc. that you can use as part of your program


Our Running Minutes (for our Monthly Calls)
Here’s what we covered in our previous meetings, catch up, contribute your ideas, and more
Videos of our calls (for our Monthly Calls)
If you couldn’t join us ‘live’, see what you missed.

Marketing & Promotion

‘Swipe File’
for marketing, social media copy, email invitation templates etc.
Marketing and Recruitment ideas
Here’s how to get started on making sure you get the right people to come to your event.
#HACK Videos
Videos you could use to promote your event
#HACK Fliers
(ideas for reference)
#HACK Postcard


Meet-up guide
Some of you may wish to host a meet-up in the run-up to your main event, to rally the community, and help get the word out to your community about #HACK.
Next steps after #HACK
After the exciting event, what’s next?

Stories from #HACK

Further Reading

  • So how can technology enable the local church to help people experience foretastes of God’s Kingdom like never before? How can it help churches deliver life transforming experiences of God’s grace? Read Accelerating the Gospel with Technology for Chris Lim’s reflections on these questions. 
  • John Dyer’s Theology of Media for Coders and Artists is exactly what it sounds like. This video gives a great Biblical background to how we engage a digital world. 
  • We haven’t read Shaping a Digital World yet, but we’re excited to check out Derek Schuurman’s theology of technology. Theology nerds FTW.
  • One of the most universal contexts that we think about user experience in the Christian world is reading the Bible in a book vs. on a smartphone. How the Physical Form of a Bible Shapes Us reflects on the personal implications of that simple experience. 
  • The User Experience Team of One is a great practical resource offering a range of impactful approaches for inexperienced UX designers to apply when they may have limited time or resources.
  • TED talks are some of our favorite ways to learn, and Jane McGonigal’s Gaming can make a better world talk explains how games teach the habits of heroes.
  • Reality is Broken is the other book we haven’t yet read ourselves, but it suggests that “gamers are expert problem solvers and collaborators because they regularly cooperate with other players to overcome daunting virtual challenges.” We want to build that kind of culture!

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