Indigitous # Events

What is Indigitous #?

In the online world # tells us that an individual social media post or comment is part of a much larger community of connected posts or comments. In the same way Indigitous # events are specific and tailored particularly to their immediate local context, but they are part of a community of similar events around the world. Whereas an Indigitous Classic conference might have participants from multiple countries and span several days with a broader program, an Indigitous # event is ideally suited to create a local Indigitous experience around a focused target. The shorter program is tailored to the local context in order to help communities, organizations, ministries and individuals come together to spark conversations, connections and collaboration about how to use digital means to make disciples.

Indigitous # events provide opportunities for like-minded digital influencers (leaders, strategists, writers, coders, designers and filmmakers etc.) to network, learn and collaborate on projects together in a localized context.

These are meant to be shorter, easy-to-put-together focused events or gatherings that express the heart of Indigitous – a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using Digital Strategies

Why host an Indigitous # event?

Hosting an Indigitous # event is ideal for you if you want to bring like minded and skilled people together in your local context in order to network and learn about how to use digital to make disciples and/or collaborate together on a digital project that makes disciples.

How do I host an Indigitous # Event? Where Do I Start?

Check out our Indigitous # hosting guide and when you’re ready, fill out our application form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, feel free to email us

Are there any minimum requirements?

At least one person on the planning team needs to have attended an Indigitous conference/event
An application must be filled out and approved by Indigitous
It needs to be locally funded
An agreement needs to be signed to ensure quality

View past Classic events on our Events page

Check our Indigitous # F.A.Q page for more information and thanks for considering hosting a # event!

We want you to be successful. Once you sign up and are approved, we want to come alongside you to help coach you through your event.



Check out where we currently have Indigitous # events planned, or host one yourself.

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