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Indigitious #Hack is a global missional Hackathon happening in the coming October 4th to 6th. It’s A wonderful moment where mission and technology are fused to exploit the potential of digital technology to connect people with Christ. In this event developers, programmers, designers, cinematographers,  authors, and strategists work together to use their skills and talents for the benefit of God’s kingdom. If you’re a developer, marketer, engineer, technologist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, designer, strategist or passionate about having an impact through technology, come join us!



Sometimes innovation doesn’t scale because it’s too localized; events like #HACK give you a global network where you can connect with friends and colleagues from all over.


Participants experienced the energy of hundreds of people working towards a common goal together in multiple locations all at once. #HACK was a gathering of creative, innovative, like-minded people from around the world.



#HACK connected developers, designers, technologists and entrepreneurs from all over the world who shared interests and passions.


While #HACK is explicitly Christian, participants from any (or no) faith background are openly welcomed. As the community worked side by side through the challenges, they got to know each other in a deeper way.

Event Date: Friday, October 4th to Sunday 6th

Venue: Holy City Center 7th floor, Gurdshola Addis Ababa 

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"The People Who Know Their God Will Be Strong and Do Exploits"

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