There were two projects worked on during Indigitous #HACK in 2018. They were:

Project 1: Papua New Guinea Great Commission Ministries Website

Papua New Guinea is a nation of 8 million people speaking over 800 different languages. In recent years mobile phones and the internet has started to penetrate even these communities. Great Commission Ministries currently has a small presence in Papua New Guinea and wants to make use of digital resources to help fulfil the Great Commission there. The project will involve building a website on the WordPress platform. This website will include facilities to help donors give to the ministry, and outreach materials such as the Jesus film (available in over 70 of the 800 languages).

This project needs members with skills in web development and design. Java or CSS programming could be a valuable addition, as could graphic design skills. This project is suitable for beginners with limited experience.

Project 2: Pukapuka Visual Bible Story

Pukapuka is a minority language in the Cook Islands. There are limited Christian and Bible resources in Pukapuka. This project will involve taking an audio telling of a Bible story in Pukapuka and creating a visual accompaniment to this retelling.

This project needs members with skills in video editing, animation, or related visual design.


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