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#HACK for the unreached

We’ll be having a hackathon in October! You’re warmly invited to join:

Hackathon 2020

Please sign up there!

It will be a virtual event. Of course you’re welcome to meet with someone else or a group and join together in your flat. There will likely be one or two small groups in Berlin.


Indigitous people make stuff. With big projects, no one person can do it all. So by listing a project here you can recruit the help of multiple specialists. If you are here with specialist skills, search for a project to join and collaborate on. You can meet other developers or designers in the community, join specific interest groups and to keep up with trends. What’s God put on your heart to build or get involved in building? Don’t just sit there – Get Indigitous!


Animation, Bible Study, Editing, Graphic Design, Illustration
Providing completely copyright-free discipleship training resources in many languages

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"The People Who Know Their God Will Be Strong and Do Exploits"

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