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Sammy Fung

Sammy Fung

Next #HACK will be hosted at HKCCC (Cru HK) office on 10-11 October 2020.

想見其他有熱誠於科技和使命的弟兄姊妹嗎?兩日的 Indigitous #HACK 2020 香港黑客松會分工進行 proof of concept,將意念和異象轉化為 prototype 作品。

今年主題是 COVID-19 下的遙距牧養需要。

Upcoming Event

#HACK Hong Kong

To meet other brothers and sisters who are interested on technology and missions ? We will form teams to work on proof on concept which turn ideas into prototypes.

The theme is remote pastoral care under COVID-19, the following projects are recommended (but not limited to):

  1. Church CRM / Church Management System
  2. SEO Tool for Content Creator


Indigitous people make stuff. With big projects, no one person can do it all. So by listing a project here you can recruit the help of multiple specialists. If you are here with specialist skills, search for a project to join and collaborate on. You can meet other developers or designers in the community, join specific interest groups and to keep up with trends. What’s God put on your heart to build or get involved in building? Don’t just sit there – Get Indigitous!

Church ACTS

Church ACTS

The Significant Project Website

The Significant Project Website

CSS, Database Administration, PHP, Strategy, Strategy
Come and help us to reach people in marketplace
Translation of

Translation of “Christian Common” into Chinese

Share in Chinese about the mentality of sharing and collaboration within the body of Christ

"The People Who Know Their God Will Be Strong and Do Exploits"

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