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Hub Leader
Joshua Montzka

Joshua Montzka

Upcoming Event

#HACK 2020

Indigitous #HACK is an innovative and unique opportunity to get involved in the intersection of technology, faith and the common good. Join this exciting event to collaborate on solutions for large-scale issues facing our present world. Come unleash your potential whether you’re a technologist or creative in a growing community who is passionate about using God-given talents for good on a global scale.

If you’re a developer, marketer, engineer, technologist, film maker, entrepreneur, designer, strategist or passionate about having an impact through technology, come join us!

Mass collaborations like #HACK are an opportunity for you to contribute your skills directly to real needs and build relationships that allow us to understand, connect and sustain the kind of innovation our world so desperately needs. This collaboration will be richer because YOU are bringing your talent to it, and we believe that you will be enriched by the relationships and impact opportunities that #HACK will provide.

Message a hub leader with any questions or jump on our Discord. 

Things to help with ahead of time

  • Join the Melbourne hub to stay updated
  • Be a professional expert/mentor for #Hack
  • Give funds or supply the event with food, swag and prizes for the teams
  • Share this page others and the event page on Facebook

If you have a great idea for #Hack challenge, want to offer your help or have any questions message Josh (@nextempus on slack/Discord). Doing these things will make #Hack Melbourne the best event possible!

Discord server info

We’ll be Hacking virtually connecting to one another via Discord this year. Join the server via
If you’re unfamiliar Discord, this video( should be able to help you understand it better.

Slack server info

If you’re not part of the slack channel for Melbourne you should jump in there, introduce yourself and start chatting with others. You can join the slack channel through and then join the #hack-in-melbourne channel. This is also how we will stay connected with most of the world during and beyond #Hack.

What are the challenges this year?

  • We have some ideas at the moment but if you have any let us know!

What is the (rough) schedule for the weekend?

  • Friday Oct. 9th: Connect together on Discord from 5 PM
    Event start 7pm – 12 AM (we’ll see how we’re going)
  • Saturday Oct. 10th: 8 AM – 12 AM (we’ll see how we’re going)
  • Sunday Oct. 11th: 8 AM – 5 PM

What should I bring?

Well we are unlikely to be gathering together physically this year so use whatever you have available to you! You should bring your own equipment: laptops, smartphones, camera, editing equipment, spare monitors, raspberry pis, arduinos, etc. Anything that could help you contribute to a project.

What is happening for food?

We’re still working out some stuff to do with food this year but would like to make it possible for people to order a meal or two over the weekend. Please send us a message in the Discord general chat which 2 meals you would most like to enjoy with others at #Hack?

#HACK Day 1 (9th)

Run of Show
  • 5PM: Open Discord (meet people, say hi)
  • 7PM: Start Program (Discord General)
  • 8PM: Logistics & Challenge Pitches (Discord General)
  • 9PM: Team Formation (Discord General)
  • 10PM: Project Work Time

#HACK Day 2 (10th)

Run of Show
  • 8AM: Breakfast (social time)
  • 9AM: Devotion together (Discord General)
  • 9.30AM: Hack away
  • 12.30PM: Lunch Break (social time)
  • 1.30PM: Hack away
  • 6PM: Dinner break (social time)
  • 7PM: Hack away
  • 12AM: Global connect (Zoom)

#HACK Day 3 (11th)

Run of Show
  • 8AM: Breakfast (social time)
  • 9AM: Extended Devotion together (Discord General)
  • 10AM: Hack away
  • 12PM: Lunch Break (social time)
  • 1PM: Presentation Preparation
  • 2PM: Team Presentations (Discord General)
  • 3PM: Judging & Awarding (Discord General)
  • 3.30PM: Future Planning (Discord General)
  • 4PM: Prayer (Discord General)

Previous/existing Projects

Indigitous people make big things. With big projects, no one person can do it all. There is a huge list of projects that are currently being worked on and this is just a sample of them looking for the help of specialists.

Not everything can be done during a #Hack weekend nor can everyone spend a full weekend hacking so people work on these projects bits at time whenever. If you are here with specialist skills, search for a project to join and collaborate on, and join the hub to meet other people that share your heart.

GoSend - Connecting ministry workers with supporters across the world

GoSend – Connecting ministry workers with supporters across the world

Animation, Blog Writing, Brand Positioning, Building Brand Equity, Campaign Dev
The unreached to be reached in a generation through good stewardship from the global church
The Ministry Support App (2020)

The Ministry Support App (2020)

Spreading Gods Finances


Analytics, Android, CSS, Data Visualization, Graphic Design
How can we encourage people to find a healthy balance between digital interactions, in person relationships and their relationship with God?
Hello Neighbour

Hello Neighbour

Application Dev, Flutter, Go, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Connecting you with the stranger sitting next to you at church
Creative Portal

Creative Portal

Connect People with Faith-based Art

"The People Who Know Their God Will Be Strong and Do Exploits"

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