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This is the page for the local Indigitous community in Rio. Join this hub and contact the Hub Leader if you want to stay connected with what Indigitous is doing in your city.

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Our city has taken part in Indigitous #HACK in each of the first three years of the event.

Last year, inspired by the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5), Jesus’ most famous speech, we will work under the theme “Peace that we want,” considering the meaning of “shalom,” the total welfare of a community.

UX, Java, dev app, social listening, HTML5, C ++, IA, data mining, web dev, IoT, filmmaking, digital marketing, Scrum … working together for Peace that we want to see in our communities.

“The intended peace is not only political and economic stability, as in the Greco-Roman world, but peace in the Old Testament, the inclusive feeling of wholeness, all that constitutes well-being. […] “Peacemakers,” therefore, are not simply those who bring peace between two conflicting parties, but those who are actively working to make peace, bringing fullness and well-being among the alienated “- Robert A. Guelich

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