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Lewis Wilson

Lewis Wilson

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#HACK 2020

Indigitous #HACK is an exciting opportunity for people, with all sorts of skills and passions, to come together and collaborate on solutions to large-scale issues being faced in our local and global communities. 

If you’re a developer, marketer, engineer, technologist, film maker, entrepreneur, designer, strategist or passionate about having an impact through technology, come join us!


This year we will be connecting online via Discord. Join the server via
We will meet each day in the “General” voice channel, and then give instructions about where to go from there.


If you haven’t already, head on over to, join the #hack-in-sydney channel, and introduce yourself to everyone.


Feel free to join the Facebook event, and share it with anyone else who might be interested, along with this page.


We will be running #HACK from October 9th to October 11th

What will I need?

You will need anything that could help you contribute to a project. This could be laptops/desktops, smartphones, camera, editing equipment, spare monitors, raspberry pis, arduinos, etc. 

#HACK Day 1 (9th)

Run of Show
  • 5PM: Open Discord
  • 7PM: Start Program
  • 8PM: Logistics & Challenge Pitches
  • 9PM: Team Formation
  • 10PM: Project Work Time

#HACK Day 2 (10th)

Run of Show
  • 8AM: Breakfast and Social time
  • 9AM: Devotion together
  • 9.30AM: Hack Away
  • 12.30PM: Lunch Break (social time)
  • 1.30PM: Hack away
  • 6PM: Dinner break (social time)
  • 7PM: Hack away
  • 1AM: Global Connect (Zoom)

#HACK Day 3 (11th)

Run of Show
  • 8AM: Breakfast and Social time
  • 9AM: Extended Devotion together
  • 10AM: Hack Away
  • 12PM: Lunch Break and Social time
  • 1PM: Presentation Preparation
  • 2PM: Team Presentations
  • 3PM: Judging & Awarding
  • 3.30PM: Future Planning
  • 4PM: Prayer


Indigitous people make stuff. With big projects, no one person can do it all. So by listing a project here you can recruit the help of multiple specialists. If you are here with specialist skills, search for a project to join and collaborate on. You can meet other developers or designers in the community, join specific interest groups and to keep up with trends. What’s God put on your heart to build or get involved in building? Don’t just sit there – Get Indigitous!

For a list of our projects this year, check out the Melbourne Hub page

GoSend - Connecting ministry workers with supporters across the world

GoSend – Connecting ministry workers with supporters across the world

Animation, Blog Writing, Brand Positioning, Building Brand Equity, Campaign Dev
The unreached to be reached in a generation through good stewardship from the global church
The Ministry Support App (2020)

The Ministry Support App (2020)

Spreading Gods Finances


Analytics, Android, CSS, Data Visualization, Graphic Design
How can we encourage people to find a healthy balance between digital interactions, in person relationships and their relationship with God?
Hello Neighbour

Hello Neighbour

Application Dev, Flutter, Go, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Connecting you with the stranger sitting next to you at church
Creative Portal

Creative Portal

Connect People with Faith-based Art

"The People Who Know Their God Will Be Strong and Do Exploits"

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