Indigitous Classic Events hosted in Nigeria by December 6th-8th, 2019, at Bible Guest House, 4/22 Commonwealth Avenue, Palmgrove, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Indigitous Lagos Conference


  • You will learn how to use our various world class mobile apps for evangelism, discipleship and mentoring.
  • You will learn how to build social media movements for your ministry and business ideas with professionals from Manila, Phillipines.
  • You will learn how to create personas and spiritual (click)  journeys for your website or social media audience.
  • .You will learn how you and your children can stay safe and secure online through tools, and screen accountability techniques.
  • You will connect and engage coaches that can journey with you as you implement projects for your ministry or business for the next 6 months after the program.
  • Engage your Teens and young adults to learn and create artificial intelligent robots.


  • Pastors, Missionaries, Church workers
  • Tech leaders, Enterpreneurs, Start-ups, Webmasters
  • Parents, Guardians, Youth pastors, Children workers
  • Secondary and University students


  • Mr. Wale Owoeye – CEO, Cederview Technologies (Nigeria)
  • Dr. Wale Adeagbo – COO, Academy Halogen (Nigeria)
  • Mr. Emmanuel Richards – West Africa Digital Strategies leader (Nigeria)
  • Mr. Kumah Doe – West Africa Digital Strategies member (Ghana)
  • Miss Eunice  Amoah – Co-founder, Indigitous Ghana
  • Mr. Simon Seow – Co-founder, Global Indigitous movements (Singapore)
  • Mr. Billy Saludares – Co-founder, Boiling Waters (Social Media Movements – Phillipines)
  • Mr. Oluwajoba Oluwaniyi, CEO, SMOG (Nigeria)
  • Mr. Yomi Adeyinka – Co-founder, Indigitous Nigeria


1.  MAKE YOUR PAYMENT – PAY ONLINEClick here (recommended) or TRANSFER DIRECTLY to BANK: ACCESS (Diamond), ACCT. No: 0003659226, NAME: Great Commission Movement (if you transfer, send depositor’s name to 07032258797).  Then you will be redirected back to this page to fill your form.

2. FILL THE REGISTRATION FORM – (below)(you will receive a mail with your receipt).

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