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Many Christians feel left out of God’s call to missions, so Indigitous invites them to be a part of a global community engaging in missions to empower the whole church to make Jesus known everywhere. 

Indigitous PULSE is a new video series where we discuss important digital missions trends and topics with practitioners who have their fingers on the pulse of digital ministry. The content is intended to inspire you to action, give practical steps, and help you take the first step in accepting the call to digital missions.

How to be involved with church while isolated

In the first episode of Indigitous PULSE, we talk about how to stay involved with your church, or find a new church to join, while isolated.

As the global pandemic closed most church’s doors, many of which remain closed now, people have been forced to rethink what it means to do church. For this episode, we spoke with Zach Van Dyke, pastor of Summit Church, and Miheret Tilahun, a digital strategist for Cru.

Connecting as a Small Group During Isolation

Small groups have been an important part of Christian discipleship since the beginning of the Church, but the pandemic has forced us to rethink what it means to be connected in that community. How can we connect well in small groups while isolated?

In this episode, we spoke with Cheryl Boyd and Patrick Martin from Cru, Jonah Jala from Indigitous Manila, and Zach Van Dyke from Summit Church. 

How to get started in digital missions

Jesus has called every Christian to missions, given us all the assignment of sharing the Gospel. Being a witness digitally has long been important, but for many people, the pandemic has made it the only way to do missions. As such, many people are now starting to think about digital missions for the first time. 

For beginners, what’s the best way to get started in digital missions?

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