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Indigitous is coming to Bangalore February 13-15, 2015.  This is an exciting opportunity for any follower of Jesus who has an interest in digital technology.

Indigitous is a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies. Our conferences offer the opportunity to learn new digital strategies, network with others who can partner with you to achieve your goals, and collaborate to create new tools and projects that will increase the effectiveness of your ministry.

The conference’s theme will be Reaching the Unreached Using Mobile Technologies.  In addition to hearing from keynote speakers who are experts in their fields, there will be live learning sessions where you will join other digital influencers and work together on projects that will be mutually beneficial to your respective ministries. Indigitous conference attendees leave the conferences inspired, equipped with new digital tools, and with great new contacts to collaborate and partner with in future endeavors.


Benny Prasad Indigitous Bangalore
Benny Prasad

Among the keynote speakers will be the CEO of an international media company that specializes in social marketing, film, and Facebook games.

Internationally renowned musician Benny Prasad, a Bangalore native, will speak about his music and how God changed his life. Benny has performed before presidents, parliaments, the Olympics, and the FIFA World Cup and now he’s coming to Indigitous Bangalore. An innovative musician known for inventing the “Bentar,” Benny was saved by God at age 16 at a time in his life when he was contemplating suicide. Once he was transformed for Christ, Benny took up music as a way to share the hope and love of God with the people.

About Bangalore

Known as the ‘city of the future’, Bangalore’s rise to world-recognized high-tech center is no accident. Since 1947, when India won it’s independence, the city has already been designated as the country’s intellectual capital.

Today it is home to 1000s of high-tech companies, financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies, and is called the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, and the venue of our next Indigitous conference.



Innovation Space

Some of the greatest breakthroughs of this century have started in garages. Indigitous Bangalore will be hosted in The Garage, an open creative space sponsored by Marriott. We think it will be the perfect place to let  dreams and talents come together.

Fairfield by Marriott Bengaluru

59th C Cross, 4th M Block,Rajaji Nagar

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.




To keep costs low and give you increased choice, lodging is not included in the price of registration. Every level of hotel options can be found for competitive prices at the following websites. If you have any questions, please write


Start making plans. You will want to be part of this exciting gathering of people who are passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies.

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