Code for the Kingdom Global Hackathon

Code for the Kingdom Global Hackathon

Indigitous is partnering with Code for the Kingdom for the Global Hackathon, which will take place October 2-4, 2015. This is an exciting opportunity for followers of Christ to get together for three days and hack out some projects that can further the spread of the Gospel.

We are proud to announce that the Global Hackathon will take place in the following 13 cities:

Ask God if he would like you to attend one of these locations for the Global Hackathon. If you have never attended a Code for the Kingdom hackathon, the events provide exciting opportunities to work on real projects that find creative ways to share Jesus using digital strategies. They are also excellent opportunities for networking, forming new partnerships, and more.

Indigitous is thrilled to partner with Code for the Kingdom for the Global Hackathon and we look forward to seeing you at one of the above locations. You can choose a location and register here.

For more information about the Hackathon and how the platform will be used during the event, see this page.