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Indigitous Hong Kong


Do you have a passion to make and use digital media to help people discover Jesus?

Join us at the Indigitous Hong Kong conference as we gather to collaborate with other creatives to share, inspire, and create digital strategies to help reach your world.

This conference is designed to spark your creativity and learning, with opportunities not just to hear from international innovators and digital experts, but to craft tools onsite with industry peers.

Whether you are a social media guru or a newcomer to the digital world, we challenge you to act on your heart for the gospel.

Theme: Connect

hong-kong-city-night Indigitous Hong Kong  is centered around the idea of CONNECT. We are trying to connect people to Jesus, connect online with believers and non believers, connect…… the ideas are pretty unlimited. Much of the focus of our discussions and workshops will be centered around Social Media and Mobile in the Chinese context. We are prayerful you could be one of the 150 people who are an industry professionals, creatives, designers, programmers, university students, teachers, ministry leaders who is using digital means to develop relationships and want to know how to make the next step to connecting people to Jesus. We are especially interested in connecting people who have some ability in design, writing, strategy, visual arts, coding, and UI/UX and point those skills to building the kingdom of God.


Indigitous Hong Kong will feature fascinating keynote talks by Mark Reddy and Wai Kong Chia, as well as a number of TED-style talks by other leading Christian professionals from around the world. See here for more information.


Our event is graciously being hosted at Island Evangelical Community Church. There are a number of hotels at different price points around the North Point area. If you would like to find your own hotel, please register for the Conference only option. If you would like us to take care of the hotel for you, the official hotel is the beautiful Harbour Plaza North Point. There are three (3) and four (4) night registration options for this hotel.


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