How can I build and sustain local communities for the Kingdom?

Indigitous SESSIONS Ali Llewellyn


If you missed this SESSION live, watch the video below:

About the SESSION:

We are each uniquely created with specific personal and technical gifts – it’s finding how to connect those together that’s complicated. In this episode of SESSIONS, Ali Llewellyn discusses strategies to finding your place in the body: how do you find “your people”? How can you have a real impact? How do you build and sustain communities, locally and globally, so that we can all work together so that every tribe, tongue, people and nation can know the hope of Jesus?

About Ali Llewellyn:

Ali works on expanding the scale and scope of public-private mass collaborations that improve governance and engage citizens in creating a better world. Her background in languages, cross-cultural communication and theology provides the passion and articulation necessary to help companies and communities take their mission to the next level.

She served on NASA’s original Open Government team, building new innovation processes, open data applications and ways of collaborating. The team worked together to build the International Space Apps Challenge, the world’s largest mass collaboration, to engage participatory explorers around the globe in improving life on Earth and life in space. She is also privileged to have co-founded and developed National Day of Civic Hacking, an ongoing effort to highlight the impact of civic hacking and empower citizens to improve their communities, and Hack4Missions, a mission-focused hackathon at Urbana15.

Her passion for community and collaboration is fueled by many years as an educator, experiences working with small teams in north Africa and central Asia, and selecting and training local leads for the world’s largest hackathons.

Based in Texas, Ali presently works as a strategist in NASA’s Technology and Innovation Division where she continues to dream up new ways to use technology and policy to catalyze sustainable culture change.