How the Best Brands Listen

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Didn’t get a chance to attend the webinar? Want to watch it again to help digest all of that information? 

Here is a recording of Esteban’s presentation (sorry, but this doesn’t include the presenters’ cameras that were shown live). We will also have his slide deck available soon.

How the Best Brands Listen

Listening is a key part of any successful social campaign or engagement. As a principal strategy architect for Sprinklr (dubbed ‘“The Most Powerful Technology in the Market” by Forrester Research), Esteban Contreras knows very well why social listening matters, and how it can mean success or failure in our social or media engagements.

Esteban will share practical principles of how we can begin to listen well, so we can engage and respond well with our target audience. You will also hear stories of how other companies have successfully leveraged listening to grow their community, following, and engagement. Discover simple ways you can get started in your own context.

Indigitous Sessions - How the Best Brands ListenAs the founder of Social Nerdia Consulting, Esteban is an expert in understanding the convergence of technology, marketing and social media. You will gain new insights and practical handles to grow your engagement through digital strategies.

How this Session will add value to you:

• Learn principles of good listening that lead to meaningful social engagements
• Create meaningful pathways in response to what we’ve heard from our target audience
• Practical next steps they can take (in their varied contexts)

– even without enterprise-level solutions
– even without big budgets
– can be implemented for quick wins

Your Challenge!

Now that you’ve viewed the Session on How the Best Bands Listen, it’s time to put your knowledge to use. Thinking about what audience you are burdened for or want to reach, what #hashtags will you use to listen for them on social media? Share in a comment here or in our Facebook group.

Looking forward to the next Session?

We’re planning to have the next Session in January. More details coming soon.