Indigitous #Quito

On October 1, 2016, join other technologists and creatives in Quito, Ecuador for Indigitous #Quito.


Jimmy Sarango: Digital Communicator

Jimmy Sarango

Jimmy served youth as a digital communicator, blogger, and youth speaker. He is a professional graphic and multimedia designer focused on effective communication through new platforms.

Emil Borja: Coach

Emil Borja

Emil is  an ICC-Certified Coach with England, specializing in executive coaching, equipment, personnel, addiction recovery, and empowerment with horses. He is a Christian with 27 years of professional experience as a communications specialist, 21 years in management and administration.

Selegna Diaz Solorzano: Digital Strategist

Selegna Diaz

Selegna is on staff with Cru Panama. In 2011, she was invited to be part of the team of Digital Strategies for Latin America and the Caribbean. Selegna specializes in training in becoming more effective in connecting people with Jesus on digital platforms.

Juan Jesus Bustos Rivera: UX Designer

Juan Jesus Bustos Rivera

Juan is cofounder of BlueBeanMx digital services, where he is also an analyst and programmer. Juan has taught courses in mobile development at the Technological Institute of Queretaro and Universidad del Valle de Mexico, is part of the leadership team in digital strategies in Mexico, and is passionate about sharing the Gospel using digital strategies.

Jean C. Morales: Technology Developer

Jean Morales

Jean is a multimedia designer, creator of applications like Vibratoapp, Cybernews 3D, among others. He is a faithful believer that dreams come true and that God has better plans than you can imagine. Jean believes that in God, there is no chance, only purpose.

About the conference

Our conferences offer the opportunity to learn various digital strategies, build relationships, collaborate, assist, and participate in projects that will increase the effectiveness of your ministry.

Location and cost

Saturday, October 1, at England N 31-187 Av., Mariana de Jesus Church Vineyard, Quito. The cost per participant is $ 10 until September 20; after this date will cost $ 15.

 Register for Indigitous #Quito here.

Our Partners

Indigitous #Quito is made possible through the support of organizations that share our passion.