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Indigitous Sessions Matthew Watts

Update: For those who missed the live Session or want to view it again, please see a recording of the Session below.*

An exploration of spiritual pathways

Your ministry has good content on your website and other digital platforms. What now? How do you engage those who have questions about Jesus? How do you engage those who have accepted Christ and need to know their next right step? How do you help believers become active in the Great Commission by becoming multiplying disciples? To do so, you need to create spiritual pathways.

About the Session:

On October 29, Matthew Watts talked about digital pathways for spiritual growth. Today it is not good enough for your ministry to have good content; the content must be presented in a way that creates a pathway for spiritual growth from a decision to accept Christ to becoming a multiplying disciple who helps lead others to Christ. The webinar included case studies on some of Cru’s digital strategies.

About Matthew:

Matthew is a digital strategist at Cru, the largest evangelical missionary organization in the world. He is the leader of a team that develops innovative ministry products and is one of the lead architects of spiritual pathways.

* The offer for a free coaching session is valid only for those who attended the live webinar.