Life on Mission in a Digital World

We are called to be salt and light in our world, but what does a personal ministry really look like in our digital age? How do we adopt a perspective that can help us be effective? Where do I begin to engage people in the digital space?

Be equipped with a helpful framework that can help you engage with people online.
Learn and practice how you can use questions to steer towards spiritual conversations and share Christ when the opportunity arises.

Discover how a Digital Day of Outreach can be a great way to rally and mobilize your church and others to make a difference through their social networks.

Who should attend:
1. someone who wants to get started with a digital ministry
2. Any Christ-follower who desires to grow to have an impact in the digital space.

Register via Eventbrite by February 15, 2021 here!
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 Enlarging our Digital Engagement image