Live Streaming Guide

Want to start live streaming your church services? Whether you need to because COVID-19 is forcing you to cancel in-person services or you just want to reach a larger audience, we can help. Here are some curated resources to help you get started on live streaming your church service. First, you might want to check out this slide deck, titled “So You Want to Live Stream Your Church Service.”

Indigitous Webinar

Indigitous recently held a webinar titled “So You Want To Live Stream Your Church Service?” Below are links to recordings from that webinar, including the main sessions and breakout rooms for small-group discussions.

General Resources

Streams of Life was recently set up in light of the COVID-19 situation to help Singapore churches find a quick start to connecting digitally with their congregation. Read this article from Salt & Light to learn more about them. See more resources below.

Streaming Platforms

One of the big decisions you have to make is which platform to use for streaming your church service. There are a lot of options available, from those that specialize in church services to the secular social media sector. First, you may want to read this guide on choosing a streaming provider from Life.Church (requires an email signup to view).

Church-specific Providers


Technical Resources


With your congregation taking part in the church service at a distance, you don’t want this to become passive content consumption. There are some tools that can help you create two-way engagement with your church stream to make the service more interactive. Read this guide for details.

Audio, Video, Lighting Equipment

Streaming a service is completely different than doing it for a live audiences. The lighting, mixing, and other technical aspects are done differently. These guides will help you navigate the equipment side of streaming.

Copyright Considerations

If you’re going to live stream worship songs that are not your own, there are copyright considerations that you will have to navigate. These two resources will guide you through that process.