Nuevos caminos para el Evangelio

In Indigitous we are excited to present the second session in Spanish. We received very good feedback on the first and we hope to continue to contribute to community well-resourced Indigitous. Share this information with your friends and acquaintances who can benefit from participating in this webinar.

On the Session:

On Thursday October 15th at 1 pm (Mex / Arg 3pm), Nicolas Dominguez will share his experience as a developer of applications for Android at this time full of opportunities. We give you the perspective of a specialist Doing more with what happens in the Digital environment to share the Gospel.

About the Speaker:

As a teenager Nicolas towards programs. Always he wanted to give them as “shareware” and somehow distribute power, however it was difficult to do from Costa Rica and if he had not already done from the US have been different. Later it was dedicated to the development of mobile applications and the picture was totally different. His “apps” have been downloaded from almost every country in the world without much effort on your part.