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Mission Aviation Fellowship Headquarters
112 North Pilatus Lane, Nampa, ID 83687
Friday, Nov 4th — Sunday, Nov 6th
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Indigitous #HACK is an innovative and unique opportunity to get involved in the intersection of technology, faith and the common good. Join this exciting event to collaborate on solutions for large-scale issues facing our present world. Come unleash your potential as a technologist or creative in a growing community who is passionate about using God-given talents for good on a global scale. Find a challenge of interest below and register so you can play a significant part in how God’s changing the world.

We believe that everyone – especially the isolated – deserve a chance to experience the love of Jesus Christ. At Mission Aviation Fellowship we utilize aviation, technology and training, because in many places those are the only ways to reach people with Christ’s love.
1.       Who should join the #Hack? Anyone and everyone who might be curious about supporting God’s global mission! We are looking for developers, designers, photographers, graphic designers, project managers, communicators and entrepreneurs to solve real-world, mission-focused problems! If you come, we will find something for you to do! For interested applicants under the age of 18, parental consent must be given, and participation hours will be limited.
2.       What will the Boise Hackathon look like? Plan on 48 hours of community and teamwork! The event is free, and all meals, snacks and mass amounts of coffee will be provided. If you have allergies, please contact the event coordinator to see if we can accommodate your allergies. Our event will begin at 5 PM on Friday and will run until Sunday at 5 PM. Tours of Mission Aviation’s headquarters and other activities will be provided.
3.       What accommodations will there be? We will be providing showers, and rooms for students to nap if they need a break. For those students that come from out of town, we may be able to provide accommodations if you contact us ahead of time. Parking is available.
4.       What do I need to bring? Sleeping bags and pillows if you plan on taking a nap, and your own hygiene products. Bring your own electronics (e.g. laptops, ipads, chargers, cameras, equipment, etc.) since we will not be providing these. We will provide Raspberry Pis, but bring your own if you have it and want to take your finished product home with you.
5.       What will the schedule look like? Plan on arriving at 4 PM on Friday for check-in, and tours of MAF’s campus. Each morning, there will be a short worship service before the Hack continues.  After the Hack is complete on Sunday, we will provide an awards and celebration dinner. Rides in MAF’s Kodiak airplanes are possible as awards for the weekend.
6.       How do I get to MAF? Transportation will not be provided, but contact us for directions to MAF’s Headquarters.
7.       Who do I contact for more questions? See our Facebook page at for more questions, or contact Atalie Snyder at or 208-498-0729.


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