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Venue - Scripture Union Camp Kawuku Entebbe
Address - 6KM from the main Road and right by Lake Victoria
Friday, 20th — Sunday, Oct 22nd
Cost - $10


“Faith influencing technology, Am Passionate about positive things online.
In the mix of devastation, there is an opportunity for innovation.

For more please Email: codemanuz@gmail.com or Call +25675-0991-384.


“I’ve never been in a setting where technology, missions, and faith are directly linked. This is the perfect space to see that come to life for me” –#HACK 2016 attendee.

Get involved, Make new Friends, Get inspired and Build Something that Matters.

Some of the Challenges we are Working on this October!


“Is Google the new god” Love, Security & Significance are the main reasons why people look for answers on google. This is an evangelistic tool, that will provide Follow materials, counseling personnel and others.


Pilots need to have good visibility to approach and land on a runway or airstrip. Many times they get visibility information by talking to people at the airstrip via HF radio. Estimating visibility can be difficult, and visibility can change rapidly. An automated system that can be calibrated would be a great solution. We need project managers, coders, photographers, analysts and more.


All MAF organizations server some 1,500 destinations. That is more than British Airways! They serve about 350 destinations. We do not have a map of these locations that we can demonstrate the coverage MAF has. We need data analysts, artists, graphic designers, coders, and more to build an interactive map that can be used on our website and large displays.






Indigitous #HACK is an innovative and unique opportunity to get involved in the intersection of technology, faith and the common good. Join this exciting event to collaborate on solutions for large-scale issues facing our present world. Come unleash your potential as a technologist or creative in a growing community who is passionate about using God-given talents for good on a global scale. Find a challenge of interest below and register so you can play a significant part in how God’s changing the world.

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Faith influencing Technology, Am passionate about Positive things online. In the mix of devastation there is opportunity for Innovation. “#Why Indigitous- GOD calls You to Culture... We don’t Code, Design Graphics, not build website, not develop Apps but We Make disciples” #Hack Kampala 2017

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