Visit my LinkedIn Profile! I am a person who strives to not be content doing enough to get by or what is only placed in front of me. Rather, I venture out to find new and more efficient ways to do the tasks that I set out to complete. I am not afraid to work hard to achieve the goals that I establish for myself, nor am I afraid to be different and set apart from the stereotypical circumstances that are placed on my generation. I know I can impact my community and my peers by expressing an ability to articulate thoughts and ideas of my own rather than simply agreeing with the philosophies of others.I think that a challenge is constantly placed on us to move forward with our lives and never stay still. There is an unvarying test put before us all that dares us to move ahead. I am open to changes, but stand firm in what I believe is right. I am a thinker who asks questions. Every day we are faced with new and exciting things that will forever change us. I am someone who wants to stand up to such circumstances with confidence and enthusiasm. I want to be the catalyst that empowers this world we all live in to become something better, to have the courage to step out and make a difference, to become revolutionary. 


Garner, NC, USA, United States
Direction Setting
Vision Casting
Market Research
Information Security
Branding, Discipleship, Evangelism, Marketing, Mobile, Photography, Social Listening, Social Media
Community, Creating Culture, Discipleship, Education, Evangelism, Humanitarian Aid, Missions, Research, Scripture Engagement