I am a passionate believer in Christ Jesus, a married man to one lovely woman with a wonderful baby boy. I was born in a small village in western Uganda, out of the capital Kampala, in which i currently live with my family. I was born in a humble family, with father and mother both doing business for a living, who evolved out of peasanthood to find and make a decent life for us in the town of Mbarara, which is majorly the second city of Uganda, in which I met with fortune and destined focus to get a considerably good education. Currently pursuing my masters course, this shows the progressive blessings from my heavenly father, after meeting Jesus Christ in my high school years and since then have not looked back, fully in love with Jesus and serving Him faithfully across all fronts especially among the youths taking the the light of the gospel of Christ to them and to the lost. God is wonderful and always the same, yesterday, today and forever. In Past, I present and In future, He never and will never change, Glory to Jesus!


Kampala, Central Region, Uganda, Uganda
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