I'm Australian, serving on the field in the Middle East. I am working on a Language Coaching project called "Grow Fast - Grow Deep". Although not commonly advertised as such, it is believed that a missionary's failure to be effective in acquiring the language of their target nation is the biggest reason for Missionaries quitting the mission field. In my personal experience, around 40% of newly arrived Missionaries return home in less than 5 years. These Missionaries invariably are people who have not reached fluency. Achieving fluency in a language is hard work. Multiply that challenge if it is a poorly documented language - the majority of nations that need Missionary work. Grow Fast-Grow Deep provides A.I. language coaching for Missionaries and would-be Missionaries. It's primary focus is to enable a language learning program for poorly documented languages to be put together in less than a few hours. The website then coaches language students weekly by assessing their progress and coaching them with proven methods to see them progress in a fast and effective manner. As someone who has personally coached dozens of people face-to-face, it is my passion to scale up the opportunity for coaching to the thousands who do not have the opportunity to acquire a human coach in their language location. We are looking for programmers, brain-stormers, and linguists.


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