My Email: - Our Page: - My Whatsapp Number: +57-300-845-4019. Leonardo Marin-Saavedra was born in the municipality of Puerto Nare, Department of Antioquia, Republic of Colombia (South America) on December 17 (1955). He was baptized by the Roman Rite by the presbyter Carlos Arturo Duque-Ramírez, on January 8 (1956), in the Parish San Luis Beltrán of Puerto Nare (Antioquia), and registered by his parents civilly in the Mayor's Office of Floridablanca, Department of Santander, Republic of Colombia on August 30 (1956). He was confirmed by the Roman Rite in the city of Madrid on August 7, 1970. Legitimate son of Francisco Antonio Marín-Aguilar (Marún-Morón), and Zoraida Saavedra-Silva. Maternal Grandparents: Luis Felipe Saavedra-Rodríguez and Maria de la Cruz Silva-Rueda. Paternal Grandparents: Francisco Antonio Marin (Marún)-Morón and María Alejandrina Aguilar-Moros. His biological parents contracted holy marriage for the Roman Rite on 25 December (1948), in the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of the city of Barrancabermeja, Department of Santander, Republic of Colombia. Occupation religious ceremony priest José Arango-Uribe (SJ). They were godparents of the wedding: Juan de Dios Saavedra-Silva and Sara Saavedra-Silva. When the man of God reached his 20th birthday, he made vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and gave his life to Christ by entering the Missionary Order of the Anglican Monks Missionaries of San Lawrence (1975). He was ordained deacon on August 7 (1987), and priest on December 8 (1988), in the city of Bogotá, Capital of Colombia. On July 21 (1997), in the city of Medellín, Department of Antioquia, Colombia, Bishop Juan Bautista García-Germain of Puerto Rico and delegate for the Anglican Church in America (The Anglican Church in America) On its faith a 'Sub Conditional Ordination' to officially incorporate it into the Anglican Continent Movement of the Americas and support its mission for the Christian world. His Excellency was consecrate as Bishop on 15 June, 2003 in Huntington Beach city, California, United States. I have a degree in Philosophy, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Literature, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Divinity, PhD in Drama and Doctor of Business Administration. He has a doctorate in communications and computer technology. I work as a teacher at all levels including the university for more than 25 consecutive years.


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