Lived on the east coast up til college. Encountered God's love in a radical and spiritual way in junior high when things got so bad then that I attempted suicide, but what He did for me and the vastness of his love made a lasting impression on my life. I continued artistically through liberal arts degree almost with theatre minor then going into film., which was a different form of illustration but one I had loved since childhood but never had the guts to pursue. I am on short hiatus from completion of my bachelors to publish several books on discipleship and promote my store that I have on zazzle with Christian designs: I wanted to let other members on here know I now have a published, illustrated poetry book, "Heart Of Ink: A Journey From Darkness To Understanding" available for purchase of $17.99. The book has poems about God's love for us, my love for Him and my love for others along my journey in my ealier years. I have 979 physical copies I need to sell and am happy to sign yours if you want one when this virus allows us all to meet in person again. Eletronically, the book link is here: If the book blesses you, please share in a review on Amazon. Thank you! I am on Pinterest, particularly with the board, "Proverbs31Prepper", Twitter, Instagram, Patreon as Eternal Feather Film ( & WordPress as


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