I am originally from a farming community in central IL. On my campus a handful of us re-started a Cru movement that had been gone for several years. I joined Cru HQ in 1988, fresh out of college with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Since then I have served in different IT departments. First I programmed in different mainframe languages, then to SQL and microcomputer languages, then MS Access, then to websites, then to Perl programming, then to QA and Project Management capacities of mobile and web apps.  I continue to learn new methods and best practices. Currently I am helping coordinate translation of the Products that Cru supports so that more Christ-followers can use our tools to build disciples around the world.


Orlando, FL, United States, United States
Data Visualization
Interaction Design
Usability Testing
Product Mgmt
QA & Testing
Discipleship, Evangelism, Mobile, UX/UI
Community, Discipleship, Evangelism, Missions, Research, Scripture Engagement