Vision The Bible is arguably the most influential book of the millennium. Technology however has forever changed the way this, and future generations, will interact with the content. The vision of the Bible Move App is to shift the method of interaction with the Bible from written text to Movie imagery. A “translation” from written word to “word-for-word-movie”. This is a vivid movie depiction of every verse in the bible presented in an App. Mission Statement Our mission is to faithfully translate the bible into movie/s and then to multiply the global access to these by translating the Bible Movie App into as many languages as are available, and distributing these through App and Android as a tool to equip and empower those learning English as a Second language as well as to assist those who are visually impaired. Purpose It has been said that the Bible is the ‘least-read-most-owned’ book on earth. Seeing a book come to life as a movie brings context and immediacy that impacts the viewer in ways that written books cannot. Complex sequences, relationships, messages and principles all “fall into place” when we view a book in a Movie form. Film is also the “language” of the current generation. There is far more likelihood that someone will watch a movie (in this and future generations) than read a text. iPads, iPads and computers have irreversibly changed the way we interact with content. (Click Here) For a sample of a Word-For-Word Bible Movie


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