Most of my life has been spent on stage as a professional musician. I played keyboards, was lead singer and front man and even did some public speaking. Pam and I married in May '93; that summer I joined her on Cru staff and we went with Keynote to tour with their full time bands and lead music summer projects. In 2007 I did a crash course film school. After five years as the lone filmmaker and Summer Project film track director, Pam and I joined the Film Production team at Jesus Film in Orlando. I currently serve there as Production Designer and lead a small art department made up of staff and volunteers. I also do some hands on art director type stuff and even help produce some of our films. It's safest now to just consider myself an artist so God can plug me into whatever creative venture I'm part of in the future.


Orlando, FL, United States, United States
Design, Film, Writing
Creating Culture, Discipleship, Evangelism