Luke is a dynamic, energetic, and charismatic Leader and visionary with a successful track record in Leading and Developing high performing teams. He has served in various leadership capacities, to name a few: Sergeant of Marines, Network Marketing Mentor, Team Leader, and New Product Development Project Leader for several fortune five hundred companies, both private and public.   In the spring of 2016 Luke founded MindShift Pro LLC which offers exceptional training and mentoring services for individuals, teams, and businesses that want to see results that stick. Luke knew he had to be trained by the best to deliver exceptional results for his clients and made a decision to be groomed by global prosperity Leader and Speaker Bob Proctor and esteemed banking attorney Sandra Gallagher. Luke strategically partnered with Proctor Gallagher Institute to become a certified facilitator and speaker on the most profound, powerful, and mind transforming concepts and strategies humankind has ever known.  


Sheboygan, WI, United States, United States