Hi my name is Matt, My parents have been involved in missions for a large portion of my life, and recommended this site to me. I am a Security Consultant for a company in Melbourne Australia; however, I work from home in Sydney, Australia which fortunately gives me some more free time, than the average full-time worker. I am passionate about all things security from development to test. My main role is penetration testing at work, so I am happy to be asked for pro-bono project to conduct security tests on. Penetration testing is a great for testing whether an application/server/ or even hardware is truly secure, as you are placing yourself in the shoes of the attacker/government/ or whoever else may want to break down the security designed around the application. Furthermore ,I have a background in web design and software development, as well as a degree in network security. So my IT skills are very diverse. I am also happy to provide development advice and consulting to other in the developmental teams. I am proficient in the following programming languages: C#, Perl, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Most kinds of SQL. I am also very quick to pick up new languages. Outside of the IT world my other skills which could come in handy are mainly linguistic, I speak English natively, Spanish proficiently, and German at an intermediate level. Please feel free to contact me about any of this, and I really hope I can contribute with these set of skills.


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